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History Assembly of God USA Brasil
History Assembly of God USA Brasil


                        The pioneers Gunnar Vingren and Daniel Berg

                                        The long Journey.


The tidal wave of immigrants in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the dream of better future, have left Sweden in search of employment in the United States, were two young men who never had found on his land.

The Childhood Christian

The older, exemplary son of believers, at 18 baptized in water, was cradled in a place called Ostra Husby, Östergötland. The other, also of evangelical family (Baptist), lived also a true Christian childhood, and with only 15 years old was baptized. Their names: Daniel and Gunnar. That, until the early youth resided in homeland, Vargon ("Island of the Wolf"), where wolves had not; on the contrary, he lived-surrounded by calm on all sides - no prospects, however, for better days.

Without them, so far from pressentissem any sign, to lead them to another continent, the hand of God from an early age began to direct them to unimaginable points of convergence. These were, even though in the background, a friend of Daniel's childhood - Lewi Pethrus - which led him to have "the first contact with the Pentecostal work and his message." Pethrus come to Brazil for the first time, when the Work of God initiated by two missionaries probably went through its greatest crisis, and helped guide it in the direction that would lead to - on the numeric aspect, at least - the most important Pentecostal community of all time.

Daniel Gustav Högber was born and raised in the city of Vargon Sweden. The date of birth is April 19, 1884. Parents of Berg, Gustav Högberg Verner and Fedrika Högberg, were members of the Baptist Church. Berg was baptized in water to 15 years old on February 12, 1899 along with his childhood friend Lewi Petrus.

But due to a financial crisis that came to Sweden at the time, Berg traveled to the US on the ship MSRomeu on March 25, 1902 in anticipation of a better life. He worked for seven years in America as a refiner.

On returning to Sweden to visit his parents, Berg met his friend Lewi Petrus, now pastor of a revived church in Lidköping, and the desire peja work burned in his heart.Return to the United States was baptized with the Holy Spirit.

In Chicago when attending a Bible conference, he met Gunnar Vingren. On one occasion, the Lord spoke to his heart that seeks Vingren. He then went to South Bend in Indiana where Vingren told what was happening. Started to pray together, that's when God revealed his will through a prophecy revealing the mission field in Para.

Daniel Berg resigned, and her employer in addition to making the arrangement work, even gave him a cookie and a banana. This symbolized the desire not to miss supplies friend, was an American tradition.

Berg came to Pará in single Vigar youth at 26 years of age and remained single until 1920. God always calls the youth committed to his work. So it was with Joseph, David, Samuel etc. Back to visit Sweden, he met a beautiful young, Sara Ber, and married her on July 31 that year, and came to live in Brazil on March 21, 1921. You gave them David and Deborah. The blog administrator Alert Final met David for the first time in Belém do Pará. On other occasions here in the Great Temple in Cuiabá.

Daniel Berg was brave man. Leaving the development of Europe and breaking the Amazon, facing floods, rivers, waterfalls aboard dangerous canoes and boats. Walked on foot, in danger of wild animals, diseases such as yellow fever, malaria and others.But it was so with Paul and with all who have a call to do God's work. This is the true meaning of living the work.

Working in the Company Port of Pará (now Dorcas Company of Pará) worked to pay the Portuguese lessons that Vingren studied. As he worked, Vingren studying, and at night Vingren taught Portuguese to Berg. With the rest of the salary, Berg mattered US literature, and distributing Bibles in Portuguese to Para. Few people could read, but Berg visited house by house, families in all neighborhoods and streets.

Daniel Berg was a brave man, walking the islands, carrying his two suitcases, one with his clothes and another full of Bibles to evangelize. The priming road 400 km, often made this journey on foot. The point of your feet swell. On one of his trips through the rivers, I was in a canoe when suddenly she was surrounded by a swirl, and sank. Berg swam between the alligators out of the water. Even in the hospital when ill, he passed out leaflets. In 1963 he walked evangelizing the hospital where he was admitted even with frail health, and care nurse who insisted that he stop.

Daniel was a simple and humble man, when came the trials and tribulations, just glorified God. Walking through the streets of Bethlehem, filled the sleeve pockets, and was sucking mangoes through the streets. He moved to Vitória (ES) on 24 January 1922. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Assembly of God, Golden Jubilee, was in Bethlehem for the celebrations. He was decorated by Pastor Paul Leiva Macalão in Maracanãzinho with a gold medal. But the glory God gave to the developer.

Berg did not receive the care and the honors he deserved. The own brother Adriano Nobre recognized this when he wrote in the defunct magazine Seara. Berg and his family finally returned to Sweden in 1962. Mr. Berg gathered to heaven on May 28, 1963, when Berg was 79. In Sweden, where their relatives are buried, there is also Daniel Berg, who left happy and with the certainty of salvation.

Today near the 100-year anniversary of the church, she became great and powerful the Lord Jesus Christ. Registered in CGADB for about 40,000 written shepherds.Today members are counted in millions. But we still need to do much taking oexemplo of Berg. The nation lives sunk in sin, idolatry, corruption, addiction and other social ills, and above all spiritual. We need to dive back in evangelization ministry

The Homeland

In his memoirs, Daniel, who always harbored acendrado love for their land depicts the childhood scene: "... for me, Vargon is one of those most beautiful places of Sweden"; and tries to fix his outburst: "... without you go in this statement any manifestation of localism ..." He continues to hang his crib, as he did late in Brazil, but without allowing the attachment to their roots interfere the great call: "Vargon has a side lake Varnern, which the nearest town, Vanersborg, took the name the other side are located the Hunnebeg and Halleberg mountains, favorite places of Sweden's kings to make hunting We.. children during the summer and fall, we spent all holiday hours in these mountains, contemplating the abundant sources and pristine lakes. " How diverse this scenario, one in which, under the most severe trials, would be protagonist of an event that would move millions of Brazilians!

Daniel embarked, to March 5, 1902, in Gothenburg, to the United States in its first sea voyage, that many others would follow, a worker of the Lord. The day was cold and "Romero" began to depart from the point. "Even if I repent me that I have embarked," recalls the Swedish attached to his country, "it was too late to change your mind." He sought to reassure yourself, "I thought then to myself, would not see the Swedish spring that year, perhaps, or the following year knew, instead, that when starting the spring, I'd be in the country of big dreams and hopes. North America. In America there was spring, and I thought, maybe it's the same in Sweden. "

The landing port was Yorkshire, the mouth of the River Hull, where the city of the same name came to be one of the most important in England. After a brief stay in Hull, Daniel rumaria to Liverpool, then the fourth city in population in England, where boarded on 11 March, bound for the United States. It was the old city of Boston, architecturally and in good British urban aspect, which it unraveled, days after leaving the Old World. So it is in Providence, Rhode Island, where, with the help of friends, got a job on a farm.



Missionary, evangelist, pastor and founder of the Assemblies of God in Brazil. Born on April 19, 1884, in the small town of Vargön, Sweden, the Vernern lake shores. When newborn priest visited the city many times the house of their parents to convince them to baptize him, but found nothing. So, as a child, Daniel was frowned upon by the priest, who discredited, went on to say that the child was not baptized of him never leave Vargön. "Even then I could see the downside and the danger of the people have a targeted faith without freedom. The religion that dominated my town and surroundings impossible souls to have a meeting with the Savior, "says pioneer in his memoirs.


When the gospel began to enter the homes of Vargön, their parents, Verner Gustav Högberg and Fredrika Högberg, they received and joined the Baptist Church. Logo sought to educate the child according to Christian principles. In 1899, when he was 15 years old, Daniel was converted and was baptized in water in the Baptist Church of Ranum.


In 1902, at age 18, just before the start of the northern spring, left his country.Boarded the March 5, 1902, in the Baltic port of Gothemburgo, ship MS Romeu, bound for the United States. "Like so many others had done before me," he stressed.The reason was the great financial depression that dominated Sweden that year.


On March 25, 1902, Daniel landed in Boston. In the New World, dreamed, like many others of his time, in conduct themselves professionally. But God had a different and special plan for your life.


Boston, traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, to meet with Swedish friends, who got her a job on a farm. He remained in the United States for seven years, where he specialized as a refiner. With homesick, returned to his hometown, where time seemed stopped. Nothing had changed. Only Lewi Pethrus *, his best friend, childhood friend, did not live there anymore. "He lives in a nearby town, which preaches the gospel," said his mother.


Soon it came to his knowledge that his friend received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, new thing for your family. The mother of the friend insisted that Daniel the visit. He accepted the invitation. On the way, he studied the biblical passages which was based on the "new doctrine". 


Coming to friend Lewi Pethrus church (Baptist Church of Lidköping), found him preaching. He sat and listened to the message. After the service, they talked at length about the new doctrine. Daniel proved to be favorable. Then said goodbye to her parents and left because his intention was not to stay in Sweden but return to North America.


In 1909, amid the return trip to the United States, Daniel prayed earnestly to God for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. As I was not worried as before, since it already knew the US, he channeled all their attention to the pursuit of blessing.


When approaching the North American shores, his prayer was answered. From then on, his life changed. Daniel began to preach more the Word of God and after his testimony at all.


Also in 1909, during a conference in Chicago, Daniel met with the Baptist minister Gunnar Vingren, who had also been baptized in the Holy Spirit. They talked hours on the convictions they had. One is that both it and the other believed they had a mission call. The more they dialogued, plus your calls were strengthened.


When Vingren was in South Bend, Daniel Berg was working in a grocery store in Chicago when the Holy Spirit told to move to South Bend. Berg left his job and went there, he found Vingren pastoring a Baptist church there. "Brother Gunnar, Jesus told me that I would meet with his brother together to praise your name," said Berg. "All right!" He replied Vingren with simplicity. They went then to meet daily to study the scriptures and pray together, waiting for God's guidance.


After the divine revelation given to her brother Olof Uldin that the place you should go was Pará, Brazil, Daniel Berg, against the will of their bosses, he left the job. They argued: "You can preach the Gospel also, Daniel; not have to leave Chicago. " But he was convinced the call and did not back down.


When he left, Berg received his master a cookie and a banana. This was an old tradition in the United States. It symbolized the desire that never lacked food for the person who received the offer.


This gesture served as a consolation for Berg, who then left with Vingren to New York, and from there to Brazil on a ship.


In Pará, Daniel, 26 years old logo was used as caldereiro and refiner in the Company Port of Para, receiving monthly salary of 12,000 reis, he came to defray the Portuguese lessons taught to Vingren by a private teacher. Later in the day, Vingren taught what he had learned to Daniel. By the same token, Berg never learned good Portuguese. The money that was left was used to buy Bibles in the United States.


As soon began to make themselves understood in Portuguese, he came to evangelize the cities and towns along the railroad Belém-Bragança, while Vingren took care of the newborn work in the capital. As the gospel was virtually unknown in the state of Pará, Berg became the pioneer of evangelization in the region. Because the existing evangelical churches at the time did not have enough resources to promote evangelization inside.


After the evangelization of Bragança, it also became a pioneer in evangelization of Marajó Island, where he sojourned for many years aboard large and small canoes.Berg went from island to island, taking the biblical message to small evangelical groups that were forming wherever he went.


In the early 1920s, Daniel visited Sweden, where he fell in love with the young Sarah, whom he married on July 31 of that year. In March 1921, he returned to Brazil, accompanied by his wife. The couple had two children: David and Deborah.


In 1922, he went to Vitória (ES) to establish the Assembly of God in that capital, remaining until 1924, when he went to Santos found the AD in the state of São Paulo.In 1927 the Berg family moved to São Paulo capital, where Daniel continued doing their work of evangelism until 1930.

After a rest period, followed for missionary work in Portugal, between the years 1932-1936 in the city of Porto. After passing through Sweden, he returned to Brazil on 11 May 1949. He remained in Santo André (SP) until 1962, when he decided to return to Sweden.


Daniel Berg was always very humble and simple. In his sermons and dialogues, always demonstrated these virtues. No one angry or discouraged route. Whenever there was a problem, these were his words: "Jesus is good. Glory to Jesus!Hallelujah! Jesus is very good. It saves, baptizes in the Holy Spirit and healing the sick.He does everything for us. Glory to Jesus! Hallelujah. " 


In the Golden Jubilee of the Assemblies of God in Brazil, celebrated in Bethlehem, Berg was there, unchanged, while the brothers made reference to its role in initiating the work. For him, the glory was solely to Jesus. Berg considered himself only an instrument of God.


In the Jubilee celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, in Maracanãzinho when Pastor Paul Leiva Macalão put on his lapel a gold medal, Berg expressed visibly on his face the idea that did not deserve such honor.


Until 1960, Berg received directly from God, healing their diseases through the prayer of faith. But, about their living conditions in his final years, it can be inferred that did not have the support it deserved. In this regard, the pioneer Adrião Nobre protested the magazine Seara, November-December 1957 edition, p. 32: "The Berg brother lives in São Paulo (Santo André city). I do not know how he lives lately; I had, however, unpleasant news regarding their living conditions - has, according knew, the rest you deserve, nor the comfort that you must provide. Brothers, we are not unjust, let us remember assist the beloved pioneer Pentecostal work in Brazil. "

In 1963, he was hospitalized in Sweden. Still, I am working for the Lord. He left the ward to distribute flyers and pray for those who were decided. The hospital's internal discipline does not allow him to do this work, so a nurse was assigned to impose the ban. However, when faced with the man of God broken by the weight of years, but strong in their spiritual task, he had no courage and gave up the task. Berg then continued to offer literature.


Finally, on May 27, 1963, aged 79, Daniel Berg died. His wife, Sarah, died on April 11, 1981.


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US Vingren

Gunnar Vingren traveled to Gothenburg in mid 1903. On June 30 took the steam that would lead to the same city of Hull, where Daniel had spent the previous year. And it was not mere coincidence. It was the hand of God continuing to higher purposes.Train continued to liverpool and again by ship continued its journey to Boston. But had to travel more, bound to the house of his uncle Carl, residing in Kansas City, where he arrived on November 19, after nineteen days of travel.

So Gunnar could be employed until the summer, as stoker in Greenhouse. In winter, would work as a doorman in a store and gardener. In foreign condition, they were left to him, as always, the most modest occupations. In February 1904, will it en route to another address in search of their livelihood: the city of St. Louis, where he worked in the Botanical Garden.

The "Call Misguided"

An uncle of Gunnar Vingren had been a missionary in China; and he began to contemplate taking the same fate. But the Lord spoke to his heart, demovendo it that way. Once baptized in the Holy Spirit, Gunnar would feel in full harmony with the messages of God. He made the theological course in Chicago, the Swedish Baptist Seminary, from September 1904 to 1909. To this out exhorted, when it belonged to the Baptist Church. During this period, as an intern, he preached in several places: at First Baptist Church in Chicago, Michigan, in Sycamore, Illinois; Blue Island. In the later stages pastored the church in Mountaim, Michigan. Was intellectually prepared, I acquired some pastoral experience, but still lacked something to be ready.

When resisitir finally the determination of ministers for their trip to China - because what was in her heart had nothing to do with the centuries-country - the serious consequences involved. If it was, including the bride, who aspired to accompany him to the East and, unattended, opted for disruption of commitment ...

Back to Sweden

The family miss you, your Vargon bucolic, spoke to Daniel so strongly that one day in 1908, he returned. Although it could seem strange that chapter of its history, set back once again was the Lord articulating every step.

Informed of the fate of his friend Lewi Pethrus, Daniel wished to travel to meet him.Pethrus, who lived in a nearby town where he preached the Gospel, and said the Pentecostal doctrines. On returning to the United States in 1909, Daniel received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The Great Revival

It was time for a great revival in the US, the very country where Daniel had been and where now returning. In many traditional churches, growing the number of those receiving the Pentecostal promise. At first, they never left their communities, but started having meetings where, with greater freedom, could be heard on the Full Gospel, could be seen and heard to men, women and children to speak in tongues, receiving Divine healing. Many others sought, and also received what Jesus had promised before his ascension.

In 1854, the Pentecostal flame had crackled more strongly in New England (Bostom and surroundings); in 1892 in the city of Moarehead; in 1903, in Galena, Kansas;Orchard and Houstok in 1904 and 1905. So close to Pentecost, however he had to cross the ocean to find it ...

Tune with God

After a standard week, the power of God involved the Vingren extraordinarily. Later, she could understand what the Holy Spirit wanted to say to him, a sister with the gift of interpretation of tongues was used by the Lord to give you aware that before going to the field, should be clothed with power. In November of the same year (1909), he received the power to finish.

Now, Daniel and Gunnar had something else in common, besides the patricians condition, the Lord's servants and immigrants in the same country. With only a year apart, they were both baptized in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues.


Converging steps

Missing just now to the meeting. And this also happened in 1909 in Chicago, as participants in a conference.

After a long dialogue, which is increasingly identified and compenetravam of God's call, they went to pray daily, searching for complete guidance from Above.

Name a Dream: Para

A few days passed before when a believer baptized in the Holy Spirit, called Adolfo Uldin, narrated them a dream, in which the two friends were characters, and it appeared to him, clearly legible, a very strange name: Para. Uldin ever read or heard such a word. But, you know tratrar is a place. Daniel and Vingren understood that it was God's answer to their many prayers. In segunite day, they went to a library in order to consult the maps. When considering the distance of the country which was Pará, they came to be shaken by doubts, but after a week of prayer became convinced as the destination to take.

The decision had become irreversible. And God continued to have landmarks in the Swedish caminhoo so they could prove the certainty of God's will in their lives.

The provision of the Lord

The money they had was very little, but it meant more indicative of the direction to be taken:. Ninety US dollars - the price of passage to the far country where there was a place called Para But behold, with new test, God returned to challenge their faith, the Lord commanded the Vingren donate ninety dollars pr Journal of the church. Durham.And Daniel agreed. They visited him in Chicago, searching for some contribution for the trip, "but," recalls Daniel, "the brothers were not very enthusiastic. They mentioned climate of difficulties and predicted that we would go back immediately. So, we are not guaranteed any support ". Durham had simply separate them for the mission in Brazil.

In another church in the same city, in a farewell service, the pr. BM Johnsom - that would help them, while in Brazil, the most difficult times - also could do nothing for them, but left the congregation at ease. If this offering could reach New York.

Continued trip and a stop, they came across a friend of Vingren, which was just saying

The Finger of God

"You know, brother Vingren I dreamed of you tonight, and God told me I should give him ninety US dollars. This morning I put the money in an envelope to send it ... Now I do not have to pay the shipping." Another sign in the way: the Lord spoke to them of unusual way, but how clearly spoke to them! The finger of God was almost visible.

Once in New York, soon began to seek, in shipping companies, his two tickets to the 5th of November. They had no doubts; the date was exactly that.

Another sign

South Band, the Lord had told them all about it in detail. But how many were consulted refused to be starting November 5th. Finally, they found a British ship that was in service do not constant of the listings. And the ship, "Clement," began to succeed in that day foreshadowed toward Belém do Pará.

The money available was enough, but gave only the third class, where not even tables and chairs there. They were compelled to travel on deck, sitting in barrels, "but we felt the power of God upon us there, and louvávamos the Lord, and He spoke to us saying he was going with us and we would open the door," says Daniel, "what cheered our hearts wonderfully. "

Conversion of the Sea

During the trip, a young complexed, sullen, miserable, thought of suicide is when Daniel spoke to him and asked, "Do you have faith in God" "Who is God?" Came the question. The missionary message profudamente touched his heart, he began to cry, and accepted Christ as Savior.

The Arrival in Brazil

The arrival occurred on 19 November 1910. Everything was very strange for the two Swedes. The malvestidas people, lepers paraded their mutilated bodies, with poignant spectacle in the streets. But the fact that the Lord had sent them, and here was to save them from infection and thus the assaults, insults and threats. Some of the passengers happy with they reached the port of Belém never imagined they would become infected, and soon after had their names in the list of the dead.

In the modest hotel (where we stayed for a day) consumed their poor 16,000 reis.With remaining slots, would the tram the next day, in search of the residence of Methodist minister Justo Nelson, editor of the newspaper that "casually" had come at the hands of Vingren the room where we were staying. To their surprise, it was a known Vingren in the United States.

Separate for missions by a Baptist church, nothing more natural than direct them to our brothers of the same faith, what was done.

The next day, were very well received by the missionary Erik Nelson. This, as they of Swedish nationality, invited them to cooperate at work. He offered them the basement of igeja, where they stayed.

Other missionaries in Brazil

Over the years, other missionaries were coming. They proceeded mainly from Sweden and the United States. The third was Otto Nelson in 1914. They followed him: Samuel Nyström (1916) and Samuel Hedlund (1921). All US, arrived in March 1921: Nels Nelson, Ana Carlson, Beda Straw, Gay VRIS, Augusto Anderson, Esther Anderson, Victor Johnson and Elizabeth Johnson. Next: Gustavo Nordlund, Nordlund and Herbert Simon Lundgren, three in 1924. Joel Carlson came in 1925. Orlando Boyer, sent by the mission of the Church of Christ, joining later the Assembly of God, came in 1927. In 1928 , Nils Kastberg arrived and Algot Svenson. Eurico Aldor Peters arrived in Brazil in 1933. After these, Nels Olson Lawrence (1938) and Nils Taranger (1946). In 1948 came Eurico Bergstem Peter and John Kolenda. Carlos Hultgren arrived in 1950. Bernhard Johnson Jr., who has been in Brazil in childhood, back in 1957. The sources consulted do not have the dates on which stepped Brazilian soil the missionaries Anders Johnson, Walter Goodband and Erna Miller, but these have were here in 1934. Others have made their contribution to the evangelization of Brazil, as John Aenis, Albert Widner, William Treffut, Victor Jansson, Simon Sjögren, Nina Englund, Horace S. Ward, Albert Widmer, and Anderson Cecilia Johansson.




                      Gunnar Adolf Vingren  



  History of the founder of the Assembly of God.


The history of missionary Gunnar Adolf Vingren is intertwined with the creation and expansion of the church in its infancy, whose trajectory has been described in part in the preceding pages. He pastored the church in Bethlehem for a period of 13 years and a few months, specifically June 18, 1911 until 1924. He was to assist initially missionary Daniel Berg, from 1911 to 1922, who occupied the canvassing of service Sacred Scripture and evangelization in Bethlehem and other cities of the Interior.Gunnar Vingren also was aided by the shepherds: Trajan Pedro Pinheiro (1915-1917); Adriano P. Noble (1916-1917); Home-Erik Samuel Nyström (1917-1924); Bruno Skolimowisk (1921-1924), Nels Julius Nelson (1921-1924); José Manoel de Almeida Costa Sobrinho. The missionary Samuel Nyström accepted the invitation to take the lead of the work, because I collaborated since his arrival, making him faithfully for many years. Also the missionary Julius Nels Nelson, with grace and sincerity peculiar to him, cooperated both in the service of the Church and in the press.Biography Gunnar Adolf Vingren was to cradle the city of Östra Husby, Östergötland, Sweden, situated on the beautiful shores Lake Väsnern. He was born on August 8, 1879 in a Christian home, where he received solid Christian education. At 9 years old, trying to maintain a life of consecration, received from God a very special commission. In 1897, at age 18, was baptized in water the Baptist Church in Wråka, Smaland, Sweden. At the time, he took over the Sunday school in his church, replacing his father. In October 1898, left the direction of the Sunday School and was attending a Bible School in Götabro, Narke. Bible School that lasted a month and was part of an Evangelical Federation that had the goal of winning souls to Christ. His passion for souls was stimulated. Then he went on to evangelize Sweden, her homeland. After military service, was attracted by the "fever of the United States." On October 30, 1903, at 24 years old, he embarked in the city of Gothenburg steamed M / S ROMEO, which led to the city of Hull in England. From there it was train to Liverpool, where he took another steam, bound for Boston, Massachusetts, USA. In September 1904, began a four-year course at the Swedish Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago, and was later dedicated to the pastoral ministry . In 1909, Gunnar Vingren moved to Chicago. There happened a Baptist conference. On the fifth day of this event, the Lord baptized with the Holy Spirit. Elated, returned to his Baptist Church in Menominee, Michigan, sharing with the brothers received blessing. Henceforth he began preaching about the power coating. Could not remain silent. As might be expected, not everyone accepted the new doctrine. Disappointed, Gunnar Vingren left that church, moving to South Bend, remaining there until October 1910. His work there was greatly blessed. It was his thought to be a missionary in China, but after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, felt that God had another purpose for your life. This was clear during the summer of 1910. At that time, visiting his brother Adolfo Ulldin, Gunnar Vingren received revelation from the Lord to come to Brazil, more precisely, the state of Pará. The appropriate place God was totally unknown to him. Finding map the far north of Brazil, full of courage and determination, he began to prepare for his new task. As we have said, accompanied by Daniel Berg, Gunnar Vingren arrived here on November 19, 1910, staying in Baptist Church. As a matter of doctrinal divergence, it was off of that church. It was June of 1911. Along with a group of brothers who accepted the Pentecostal message, on July 18 of that year, Gunnar Vingren organized the Assembly of God in Brazil. At first the brother Gunnar Vingren little left because his mission was to pray full days, sometimes even nights, the success of the Lord's work. He was the pastor of the church, for his preaching vocation was. Beside Daniel Berg, Gunnar Vingren faced many difficulties. After five years of hard labor, traveled to their country of origin, returning to Pará in August 1917. On August 1, 1917, on his first trip, he met Frida Standberg nurse, who told him also have a call to Brazil . On October 16, 1917, Gunnar and Frida married, and Samuel and Lina Nyström as witnesses. The missionary Gunnar Adolf Vingren in his pastor of 13 years and months in the Church in Bethlehem, which was June 18, 1911 to in 1924, he left the country twice for health care, for a total of 3 years and 7 months. In 1920, he traveled to Rio de Janeiro, through Santa Catarina and Recife, which cooperated with the missionary Joel Carlson. In 1921, Gunnar Vingren was stricken with malaria, which took him back to Sweden. Restored, returned to Para, this being his third trip. From there, he moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1924, where he stayed for eight years. On August 15, 1932, Vingren returned to Sweden, leaving the church in Rio de Janeiro, which will shepherd for about eight years, under the responsibility of Samuel Nyström. In Brazil, the land he loved, was buried his daughter Gunvor.The Church in Rio, under his direction, was "growing more than any other in Brazil in that period; baptisms in water multiplied up", recorded. On June 27, 1933, the missionary Gunnar Vingren, there many years suffered from stomach problems, was called to the Heavenly Home. His wife, sister Frida Vingren died years later. Before Vingren be called to the heavenly home, left the following message to the Brazilian brothers: "Tell them I'll happy with Jesus and as a father in Christ, I urge the all receive the grace of God that wants to operate more holiness and humility, so that they can receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Only in this way the Church of God may be prepared for the coming of Jesus. "